Hello hookers,

Like many of you, I am on a textile path, from quilting, to knitting, to punchneedle, and now hooking. Martingale Press published my pattern book for embroidery floss punchneedle a while back—“Punchneedle on a Grand Scale”. Now that book is, unfortunately, out of print, but may be checked out at some libraries. Any patterns in that book may be enlarged and used as a rug pattern. I had a line of individual punchneedle patterns as well but that ended when I fell in love with rug hooking. From the beginning, I was nudged into and felt compelled to share my rug designs. After four years, images for rugs periodically burst forth—some live in a closet, others make it to this site. Always, the joy of dipping a hook into a fresh piece of linen remains very pleasurable, meaning all of my patterns have already been hooked by me.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced artisan, you will find an option here for you. I offer patterns from small tote size to 5’ x 7’ rug size. Some come in several sizes to suit your needs. I also offer wool kits for many patterns and will gladly create one that is not listed on this site. I will do my best to match the wools in the original rug but may have to use substitutes. The kits include hand-dyed wool and/or off-the-bolt wool, the pattern drawn on primitive unbleached linen, and a glossy color photo. Kits do not include any binding materials. Check out the “Wool Rug Kits” button on the home page for more details.

SCHEDULE: Teaching is also a passion of mine. The joy of sharing is electric. And we all learn from each other as well. What a gift! As a former graphic designer, I love the challenge of making interesting, if not exotic, backgrounds to appropriately fit the overall piece. I teach small tips that can make big differences in your finished piece. Also, because of a second career (or was it a fourth?) as a clinical psychologist—now retired--I pay particular attention to relationships and emotions when drawing people and animals in rugs. Facial expressions, body stance, and connections are important for me to depict because they carry great meaning. I want my rugs to arouse some feelings—joy, warmth, love. On the road, my studio remains open and items remain on sale as my family helps me out.
Warm regards,
--Sharon A. Smith


My studio space has lots of natural light.